When Jeremy Pruitt was hired as the Tennessee Vols’ head coach in late 2017, there were plenty of fans who were skeptical of his Alabama past.

Pruitt was born in Alabama, played high school football in Alabama, played at Alabama, coached high school football in Alabama, and eventually ended up on Nick Saban’s staff at Alabama.

That’s a lot of Alabama for one guy.

But I think fans can rest easy at this point — Pruitt is embracing everything about being a Vol.

And we saw a great example of that on Saturday.

I was surprised when I saw video of Tennessee coaches and players taking part in the Vol Walk before the game against Missouri.

Earlier this offseason, it was announced by UT that the Vol Walk would not be happening in 2020.

Pruitt, however, was not going to allow the Vol Walk to not happen.

“Today, we actually did the Vol Walk. We really weren’t going to do it, but right when we got on the bus, I said, Heck, we’re doing the Vol Walk. I don’t care if there’s anyone there or not,” said Pruitt after Tennessee’s win on Saturday. “That’s a Tennessee tradition, and we’re going to walk down the hill there and experience it. And our players liked that.”

It’s obvious that Tennessee’s traditions mean a lot to Pruitt. The Vol walk, General Neyland’s maxims, Rocky Top. It’s all important to Pruitt.

I don’t know what the future holds for Pruitt. But it’s clear that his crimson blood, for now at least, has been replaced with orange blood.

Featured image via Knoxville News-Sentinel-USA TODAY NETWORK

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