Fall practice will look lot different this year for the Tennessee Vols and the rest of the SEC.

According to a report from Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger, the SEC approved a plan this week that will delay the start of fall practice until August 17.

That’s not the only change, either.

Dellenger reported that until August 17, teams will be allowed a new “enhanced period”, which is essentially walk-thrus without equipment.

From SI:

From Friday through Aug. 16, staffs will be restricted to 11 hours a week of football or strength work related events (six hours for strength and five hours for football). Their walk-throughs must be conducted without equipment. That includes no footballs, helmets or pads. In this enhanced access period, Friday to Aug. 16, teams have been granted three extra hours for non-football related meetings.

Once fall practice begins on August 17, teams will be allowed to practice 25 times over a 40-day period. Teams must take two days off each week and the 20-hour rule (in-season football access time of 20 countable hours a week) will remain in effect. The practice schedule window has been extended by 11 days, which allows time for any makeup practices due to coronavirus related issues/shutdowns.

This fall will certainly be different than anything we’ve ever experienced before in college football, but the SEC appears determined to make the season happen one way or another.

Featured image via Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

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