Former Tennessee Vols head coach Butch Jones had a plan when he was fired from UT.

And unlike his Tennessee teams, Jones executed his plan to perfection.

The terms of Jones’ contract at UT said that his buyout would be mitigated by any new coaching position he took. In other words, if another program hired him, he’d essentially be working for free (no one was going to pay him what he was making at Tennessee).

So instead of working for free, Jones took a job as an off-the-field assistant for Nick Saban at Alabama making around $35,000 a year.

Jones still got his buyout money from Tennessee while also learning from the best coach in college football.

The former Vols head coach was mentioned as a potential candidate for various positions over the last couple of years, but he turned down those opportunities to stay at Alabama. I’m sure it was his way of “appearing” to look for work, while never actually intending to leave Bama while still being paid by Tennessee.

Jones’ buyout payments from UT are set to end on Feb 28, 2021 — roughly two months from now.

And wouldn’t you know it, Jones is all of a sudden taking a job as a head coach.

According to various reports, Jones will be the next head coach at Arkansas State.

I can see why Tennessee fans were frustrated with the way Jones handled his buyout, but it was a genius move on his part.

Too bad he didn’t have any of those genius moves while he was the head coach on Rocky Top.

Featured image via Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports
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