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Tennessee Vols fans are some of the most passionate fans in all of sports.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that certain former Vols are held in high esteem by UT fans.

While there are plenty of former Vols who are “beloved” by most, there are only a few that are “universally loved” by all UT fans.

Honorable mention

When compiling this list, a few names came to mind that I couldn’t quite include. Mostly because they either didn’t make a big enough impact, their time at Tennessee was too recent, or they’re too polarizing. Here are the names who just missed the cut.

Casey Clausen, Alvin Kamara, Josh Dobbs, Johnny Majors, Phillip Fulmer and Jason Witten.

It was incredibly tough to not include Fulmer or Majors, but depending on the age of the Vol fan, they can be polarizing figures.

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