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The Tennessee Vols are unlike most teams in the SEC East — they don’t have a natural geographical non-conference rival that they play each season.

While I’m not keen on a permanent non-conference game each season (I mean come on, is Georgia/Georgia Tech really that interesting?), I would like to see the Vols schedule some games that would provide interesting storylines.

Tennessee/West Virginia will be fun this fall, but there’s not a lot there in terms of a narrative between the two programs.

I think there are at least five programs the Vols could schedule a series with that would be incredibly hyped — especially given some things that have recently taken place (think coaching search items).

Here are five non-conference matchups Tennessee could schedule that I think fans would absolutely love.

5 non-conference games UT should schedule –>>>

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  1. WTH why not Ohio State … should be only team discussed in this article. Of coarse we would probably lose this year to them but next would be fun to watch.

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