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EXTRA POINT: One Issue with Jon Gruden to the Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders pulled Jon Gruden out of the ESPN booth. The EXTRA POINT is presented by Corner Pub Brentwood. For Nashville's best Meat n' 3,...
The identity is Exotic Smashmouth. The only problem is the second half of that mantra didn't show up when they needed it most.

The Titans are close, but not there yet

Make it eleven. The last eleven times that the Titans have faced the Colts, Indy has prevailed. Sunday was no different, as Andrew Luck made...

Titans-Colts: “Biggest game we’ve had in years”

Earlier this week, we went into the Titans locker room and talked to OLB Derrick Morgan and CB Jason McCourty about Sunday's game in...

Titans Special: Titans-Colts on Sunday is the biggest game since 2011!!

TODAY'S TOPIC: TITANS SPECIAL Titans-Colts biggest game since 2011 -- What a Win would do... What a loss would do... -- Mariota & Murray are the Titans...
Mariota top young QB

WATCH: Mariota is the most impressive young NFL QB

Marcus Mariota, Derek Carr, Dak Prescott and Jameis Winston have been a big story line this fall in the National Football League. The NFL...