The Kentucky football program is in a pretty good place these days when it comes to their on-field performance.

Under Mark Stoops, the Wildcats have experienced four straight winning seasons, including a 10 win season in 2018.

Not bad for a program that’s been historically mediocre at best.

If the Wildcats continue to reach bowl games on a consistent basis, it won’t be long before a better Power-5 program scoops up Stoops to be their head coach.

But that’s probably down the road a bit. Stoops is paid well at Kentucky and he doesn’t seem like he’s in a hurry to leave a program where the expectations are low.

For now, the Wildcats need to worry more about their PR campaign, which is borrowing a phrase from former Tennessee Vols head coach Butch Jones.

“Brick by brick”


That phrase is synonymous with “this football program is on its way to tanking in a blaze of glory”.

Cringeworthy. Who would want to be associated with that phrase after the stigma Butch Jones attached to it?

Then again, maybe Kentucky just likes emulating Tennessee?

They sure do seem to be fans of the Vols’ iconic checkboard design.

Kentucky football

The last two years of Kentucky football have been some of the best years in the history of the program.

Stoops, however, is 0-2 against Jeremy Pruitt and a rebuilding Vols program over the last two years.

Maybe they should try borrowing from Tennessee’s playbook, instead of the tired Butch Jones lexicon.


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