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Game Five of the Stanley Cup Final was a complete blood bath of a hockey game. The Penguins took a 3-2 series lead over the Preds with a 6-0 blowout, in Pittsburgh.

The Preds didn’t have it, Thursday night, from the get-go. Nothing was stopping the Penguins from winning that game. Pekka Rinne got pulled after allowing three goals in the first period, and that was only the beginning.

The officiating was horrid, at best. Was it the reason the Preds got blown out? Of course not. I hope we can all understand and agree on that. But, (insert expletive here) were they terrible.

Nashville center Colton Sissons is facing a suspension for a “match misconduct” penalty from cross-checking Olli Maatta (who has too many double-letters in his name) in the face.

UPDATE: Sissons is eligible for Game 6, due to his match misconduct being rescinded.

WATCH: Preds Sissons cross-checks Maatta in face

After watching the video, it was a clear back and forth and Sissons is getting punished for Maatta losing his balance and having his face meet Sisson’s stick.

Preds head coach Peter Laviolette agrees.

“I watched it play out. I saw Maatta cross-check him, Colton cross-checked him back, Maatta cross-checked him again, and they were doing it somewhere in the midsection. On the last one, Maatta seemed to slip and his head dropped.”

Now, the Preds could be without their makeshift top line center for an elimination, do or die, Stanley Cup on the line Game 6 Sunday in Nashville.

Sidney Crosby is actually the player who should be in this position, not Sissons. If the referees are willing to throw a “match misconduct” on that weak of a physical altercation, then why was Crosby not thrown out of the game for smashing P.K. Suban’s head into the ice as many as nine times in a row, earlier in the game?

Crosby repeatedly slams Subban’s head into the ice

BOTH players were called for 2-minute minors for “holding”. Holding, my ass.

This is the best example of a super star player getting away with anything he wants to do on the playing surface. NBC Sports Network’s Mike Milbury actually had the gall to say “Subban had it coming”.

Later in the game, Crosby was seen throwing a water bottle onto the ice from the bench. The Pens quickly scored a goal right after. Throwing something, anything onto the ice is also a penalty. It wasn’t called.

But, I guess that’s just what you get with a group of refs who later call this goalie interference on Filip Forsberg.

Sissons should be able to play in Game 6 after the NHL’s review… But, after this circus, who knows what to expect from the league office. If Crosby had a different name on the back of his jersey, he’d be out, too.


  1. I too believe there should have been a suspension on the Crosby – Suban scrum. But on Suban for trying to break Crosby’s leg. Suban initiated contact by going straight to Crosby’s legs from a standing position. Then pulling on his leg in a motion that looks to be an attempt to break it. After that Crosby tried to stand and could not in an attempt to force Suban to let go Crosby gave him a face full of glove not a punch.

    Sisson only deserved the penalty not the suspension to try and calm the end of the game.

  2. Give it up! Dancing Queen PK Subban is pulling/holding Sid’s stick against his face so every action of Sid trying to pull his stick loose makes the little drama queens head move. You guys have been watching hockey for about 10 minutes in Nashville and it shows!

  3. The Officials call the game more on the character than the incident. To quote Mr. Millberry, the Preditors prefer a physical close checking game that includes a lot of slashing, poke-checking, and unnecessary hits to try and injur or wear out their opponents. The Penguins prefer to play on pure skating skill, but will reluctantly go to a physical game if forced. The officiating crew sees the Preditors as the constant physical aggressors, with the Penguins now retaliating. To keep the game under control, the aggressor is always going to get a majority of the penalties.

    Crosby’s hold on Subbat was called after the officials have watched the defenseman bend the rules on physical contact for 4 games, bottling Crosby by physically prohibiting play. The waterbottle slipped out of Crosby’s glove as he was pounding on the boards along with the rest of the bench after the officials failed to call yet another Preditor slash off play. The bottle was well behind the play and didn’t affect it.

    If the Preds want to stop playing shorthanded, they need to play some hockey rather then running around trying to hit anyone in range, to break up organized play.

    If they want more penalties called, they best watch what they wish for, because their style of play invites infractions.

  4. -cough- (homer) – cough-

    Maybe Subban shouldn’t have had a bear hug on Crosby’s leg, preventing him from getting back into the play, since Subban had lost his stick. The officiating has been horrendous the entire postseason. Did you complain about it before, or just now when it went the other way for your team?

  5. Oh but it’s ok for Subban to drop Crosby in Game 1 or 2 (Can’t recall which game) and throw punches at him while he’s going down. Subban did get what we received.

  6. This is the biggest load of crap I have ever seen. All I ask is that the officials call the game equally. I don’t care if you’re Sidney Crosby or Joe Blow, smashing someone’s head on the ice multiple times is a penalty NOT a holding penalty for both players. I give PK props for keeping his cool. As far as the Colton Scissons incident goes, Matta started it, they were both cross checking and Scissons should have gotten two minutes more. Terrible officiating.

  7. Crosby’s a punk. There’s no way he should be in that game. Referee did over it and watched it happen.

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