According to a report by Yahoo’s Pat Forde and Pete Thamel, a number of high-profile players and programs are connected to an FBI investigation of college basketball’s “underground economy.”

The report focuses on the role played by NBA agent Andy Miller, his former associate Chris Dawkins, and his agency, ASM Sports.

SEC programs included in the FBI report:






South Carolina

Other big-name programs allegedly involved in the scandal include Duke, North Carolina, Michigan State, Kansas, Virginia, Villanova, Xavier, USC, Texas, and Notre Dame.

Several schools were contacted by Yahoo Sports, but only Xavier’s Chris Mack was willing to release a statement.

The report also states that the FBI’s findings, which includes countless documents and wire taps over the year-long probe, could affect the eligibility of several current players, including Alabama’s Colin Sexton and Michigan State’s Miles Bridges.

Other SEC players connected to Miller include Edrice “Bam” Adebayo, who played for Kentucky last season and reportedly received $36,500. Former LSU player Tim Quarterman received $16,000, and a pair of South Carolina players — Brian Bowen and P.J. Dozier — also received benefits.

The investigation remains ongoing, but with the recent findings, severe punishment for a number of programs — and potentially, head coaches — is likely on the horizon.

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