It was reported earlier today that a deal making Greg Schiano the next head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers was close to being completed.

However, due to the intense backlash against Schiano — specifically aimed at his alleged involvement in the Penn State sexual abuse scnadal — the Ohio State defensive coordinator might be having second thoughts on taking the job:

Fans dictating whether a coach accepts a job or not isn’t without precedent:

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  1. If Greg Schiano is brought in as the new coach I will officially become a Vol Nation exile. I will not support someone who KNEW about Sandusky molesting children and didn’t say anything about it.

  2. Currie promised a coach who was familiar with the sec. Take some of the $300 million from the stadium expansion and pay for a coach. With Schanio going cheap again. Be paying him off in about 5 years .

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