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  1. Headline Grab: What carried social media conversation this week
  2. Wake & Take: A take so fried it would give Laremy Tunsil a contact high
  3. Sweet Justice: Where justice was served
  4. Follow-Worthy: Someone or something worthy of your timeline
  5. Gone Viral: A video that took the internet by storm

The Tennessee Titans traded away one of the most beloved players in the franchise’s history for a Day 3 draft pick and financial breathing room this week and Tom Brady went to Tampa Bay. Coronavirus cases in Davidson County are up to 133 as of Saturday morning. COVID-19 can claim our social lives but cannot infect NFL free agency. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Headline Grab

Jurrell Casey was traded to the Denver Broncos on Wednesday in a salary cap dump for a seventh-round pick.

We will not rehash how right or wrong the move might have been. All that matters is what moves are made next. Tennessee wants to take a run at free agent Jadeveon Clowney, according to Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune. The name would be the splash signing fan bases salivate for.

But, at what cost?

Casey represents leadership for a franchise that desperately needed a rudder when he arrived. Voted as a team captain in six consecutive seasons, the impact of trading the Pro Bowl defensive lineman will be reverberate throughout that locker room. For the ransom that The Clown will command, there will expectations of him to fill at least a part of the void Casey leaves. Coach Mike Vrabel and Jon Robinson deserve fans trust that their efforts are always in the best interest of the team.

They will certainly be held to account by the fans, the media and their own locker room, though, if the reported gamble on Clowney comes up craps.

Wake & Take

You may or may know that I was a victim of a cruel joke this week on the AtoZ Sports morning show with Austin Stanley & Zach Bingham (Mon-Fri. 8am CT).

My DMs were involuntarily opened to a wealth of stupidity. Some of it was serious, some sarcastic and some just plain dumb. While it did provide me a ton of content and quarantine time-killing. I also was peppered with responses like these:

So much hate for Corey Davis.

I accept that sarcasm and joking do not translate through text and that my visceral reaction to it might be a hair too triggered. But, for the life of me, the weird resentment for Davis is always perplexing. His legacy as a fifth-overall pick is decidedly underwhelming and fairness of his circumstances is a lazy argument that can be made for any player. Davis, though, cares about the success of his team and represents the kind of unselfishness football teams and fans dream about.

One can understand disappointment and still be bothered by needless cruelty.

Sweet, Sweet Justice

Coronavirus requires all of humanity to re-evaluate their phone screen time.

The aforementioned prank provided an incredibly powerful deterrent for me to take a step back and get the hell of social media. It also served as powerful reminder on just how grateful we are for the interaction of the AtoZ Sports audience interaction. You all make dull times comedic when a laugh goes a long way. If it comes at the expense of my sanity, so be it.

Follow Worthy: George Foster

George Foster played six years in the NFL for the Denver Broncos and Detroit Lions after being drafted out of Georgia. The most impressive accolade on his resume is just how damn good he is on Twitter.

From takes For The Culture and football levity, there are few better out here on these social media streets. The occasional reality check with how shaggy all of us regularly faded folks look in the absence of a barber is the sobering reality we all needed right now.

Beware the grays.

Gone Viral

Shout out to the OG, ESPN’s Turron Davenport for continuing to fuel the Viral Machine. Zip lines and ladders generally do not mix. As the saying goes: whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

Featured Image: Christopher Hanewinckel – USA TODAY Sports.

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