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Each Saturday, the best and not often brightest social media has to offer will be displayed and categorized here for you to consume. The categories are as follows:

  1. Headline Grab: What carried social media conversation this week
  2. Wake & Take: A take so fried it gives you a contact high
  3. Sweet Justice: Equity, in all things
  4. Follow-Worthy: Someone or something worthy of your timeline
  5. Gone Viral: A video that took the internet by storm

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stuck his very well-paid foot in his mouth this week in a circumstance that only all of us would have predicted. Coronavirus cases in Davidson County are up to 243 as of Saturday morning. The threat of COVID-19 cannot deter our most sacred of sports and those who stand to profit most from it.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Headline Grab

Fear not, disheveled masses, the NFL refuses to leave you.

The most powerful league in American sports decided this week that it would disregard recommendations from its general manager subcommittee and push forward with the crown jewel of football’s offseason. In doing so via the above memo obtained by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Goodell even went so far as to warn league officials that “public discussion of issues related to the Draft serves no useful purpose and is grounds for disciplinary action.”

The arrogance of this decision is both astonishing and deeply unsurprising.

Goodell and the NFL owners prioritized monetization of their league’s calendar and capitalizing on the absence of all other sports. Keeping the Draft as is gives an optics opportunity for football to be seen as the savior of our collective sports consciousness. Never mind that the production of a television show like the this one will require efforts that go beyond Skype’d studio shows and fly in the face of social distancing. Never mind that the league continues to wade into waters it is completely unqualified for. The networks crave content and the show must go on.

Good Ol’ Rog.

Wake & Take

How dare you, Cowherd.

Fine? Fine!? Tiger King, a Netflix series captivating the entire nation with as many eccentricities, plot twists and murders for hire as one could possibly ask for in a non-fiction story may is just…fine. Joe Exotic might be a pathological liar accused of trafficking in the well being of endangered species but to call this work of art merely “fine” truly disgusts me. All opinions are welcomed and discussion between different view points helps society stay balanced.

Except for this time. This time Cowherd is flatly wrong.

Sweet, Sweet Justice

Lifetime’s documentary series, Surviving R. Kelly, makes jokes surrounding him and his debauchery difficult to laugh at…until now.

Follow Worthy: James Hamblin

COVID-19 envelops everything it touches, including the news cycle.

Information Overload applies very much to this global health crisis but so much misinformation pollutes intellectual discussion. Submitted without comment: the work of James Hamblin, preventive medicine M.D. and a staff writer at The Atlantic. 

Consume the information at your own pace, stay safe and be well.

Gone Viral

Buy all of the TikTok stock you can. Quarantine content provides such a necessary service right now.

My first thought, upon watching this, was how I would even explain this latest social media platform to my parents. Asking them to perform choreographed dance moves with me to 12 seconds of music borders the impossible. What we do not have access to are the outtakes and I am certain there were many.

The McFarlands took the internet by storm on Thursday with their efforts and, for that, we are all grateful.

Featured Image: Christopher Hanewinckel – USA TODAY Sports.
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