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Live sports may be cancelled or postponed indefinitely but NFL transaction season is in full swing. A decision on the league’s CBA will be made tonight at 10:59 pm CT and then the dominos will begin to fall into place. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Headline Grab

So, sports content and opinion are going to be a little tricky with no live game going on.

Nearly every major and minor event on the sports calendar has been put on ice because of coronavirus containment. It was surreal to watch the events that transpired after Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz and American icon Tom Hanks were both diagnosed. Why it took those two individuals to catch the attention of the Nation when this thing has been in the news for months is beyond me but we will tackle those greater societal ills at a later date.

As of now, things are moving forward with the start of the new league year in professional football on March 18 and the NFL Draft in six weeks. Reports are that contingency plans will be made but, let’s be real, everyone in this situation is adjusting on the fly. What stood out most about the swiftness with which the NBA and NCAA took action was that they were still playing games and tournaments until circumstances made them unsafe.

The NFL has the opportunity to take preemptive measures and not push forward with what has become one of their biggest annual attractions just for the sake of money. Six weeks is not enough time to gamble on the Draft serving as some kind of self-involved celebration of a return to sports.

Wake & Take

In Titans news, the team released long-time tight end Delanie Walker and kicker Ryan Succop on Friday ahead of free agency. Waiving Walker, Succop, running back Dion Lewis and pass rusher Cam Wake this week saved Tennessee $18.5M in salary cap but also saw one of the fans’ most beloved players move on.

What this fool’s tweet refers to was Walker’s defense of the Titans decision to skip the national anthem at Nissan Stadium before a 2017 regular season game against the Seattle Seahawks. The veteran tight end, who had been one of the few bright spots for a franchise to that point had been languishing due to lack of on-field success, received death threats.

Jared’s tweet ignores the fact that not only was there not a single Tennessee player coach or staff member who actually knelt for the anthem and that the protest was never about the anthem to begin with. If you cannot bring yourself to respect a peaceful protest for social inequality and police brutality at this point, then you choose the wrong side of history.

So, congratulations, bud. You’re the guy that’s staked out their claim to the anti-Delanie Walker position. Enjoy your lonely, miserable island where you disparage the greatest free agent acquisition in the history of your franchise.

There is just something about the name Jared…

Sweet, Sweet Justice

The Masters being postponed gets even the most fringe of golf fans down. Luckily, some of us discovered Tyrrell Hatton and his delightful temper as he flipped the bird to the water hazard on the 11th Hole at last week’s Arnold Palmer Invitational.

Follow Worthy: Doug the Pug


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“‪If anyone needs toilet paper I got u‬” -Doug

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In these trying times, what we need the most is a source of laughter amid all the uncertainty. Pleased to introduce you all to Nashville’s own Doug the Pug.

The young king is an internet celebrity of international acclaim, the Shorty Award winner for Instagrammer (is that a word?) of the Year, the People’s Choice Award winner for Favorite Animal Star and a nominee for such prestigious honors many times over.

Doug the Pug, a toilet paper plug.

Gone Viral

Corona or no corona, you can bet a Lysol shower is exactly what the world needs. Stay safe out there, friends.

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