Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell is one of the most criticized figures in sports. Since he makes over $30 million a year, it comes with the territory. Plus, if you go through all of his so-called missteps like the way he has handled safety in the NFL, domestic abuse and Deflategate, some would say that the criticism is warranted.

But the one thing he has done extremely well is make tons of money for the company that employees him. The National Football League is expected to make $14 billion in 2017 and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

How has he done it?

First, it starts with the television contracts the NFL has signed with the major networks. Then comes the sponsorship dollars with Bud Light, Bose and the list goes on. But, Goodell is doing one thing better than anyone else…

Digital Media Deals

Last year the NFL had a $10 million contract with Twitter to stream Thursday Night games. This year, Goodell parlayed that deal into 5-times the amount.

In 2017, Amazon has the right to stream the same number of games and the tech giant is paying $50 million for those rights. Consumers will have to be Amazon Prime members to have the ability to watch online. So, the thinking is that NFL fans will sign up for the $99 annual service and use other features Amazon provides.

In the world of DVR and humans having the attention span of a five year old after eating a full packet of Fun Dip, Roger Goodell has managed to get millions from TV and Internet giants. It’s genius.

A priority for a lot of NFL teams is making the in game experience the best that it can be because of the direct revenue generation for that particular club. But where the shared revenue is made, the BIG dollars, is in the pockets of Americans… cell phones.

The NBA, NHL and MLB can’t hold a candle to what Goodell and the NFL have done to capitalize on the dollars of digital assets. So with all the wrong pro football’s commish has done, he’s done one thing right.


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