Rick Barnes on College Basketball
KNOXVILLE,TN - JANUARY 18, 2016 - Tennessee Volunteers Head Coach Rick Barnes talks to the Media during the weekly press conference at Ray and Lucy Hand Studio in Knoxville, TN. Photo By Craig Bisacre/Tennessee Athletics

Tennessee basketball coach Rick Barnes thinks men’s college basketball should tweak it’s current structure.

The NCAA announced Monday that the NIT would have four 10-minute “segments” (not quarters). Team fouls would also be reset after each of these segments. The NCAA is experimenting with a handful of other rules dealing with the fouls, the shot clock and overtime.

Barnes is Pro NIT Rules Experiments

Currently, the women’s college game is in it’s second season using the four-quarters format. That move removed one TV timeout per game along with other modifications. Men’s college hoops is now the only level of basketball played with two halves. High school, women’s college, the NBA and international leagues all play with four quarters.

Barnes, and other coaches, could argue that keeping the same set of rules from high school into college would cut down on the transitional period for players adapting to the new rules.

The Men’s Basketball Rules Committee will take the 31 game experiment into its May meetings to determine which direction is best for the game to go. We clearly know where Barnes stands on this.