According to a report from GoPokes247, the Tennessee Vols have extended an offer to Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich to be the school’s next offensive coordinator.

The report says that Tennessee offered Yurcich a “substantial bump in pay”.

I’m a bit surprised this. For the last couple of weeks, it felt like all signs were pointing to Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian landing the job.

Sarkisian’s offensive philosophy closely aligns with what Pruitt wants to do offensively.

Yurcich, however, would represent a drastic change in offensive philosophy for the Vols. Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy once referred to the Cowboys’ offense as “basketball on grass”.

An up-tempo approach would be a sharp departure from Tennessee’s desire to run the ball and control the clock.

However, if this is the direction that Tennessee ends up going, it has to be a good sign for Vol fans. It means that Pruitt is willing to adapt his offensive views.

And honestly, that should be encouraging to fans.

Of course, just because an offer has been made doesn’t mean that Yurcich will be Tennessee’s next offensive coordinator. He could just be using the Volunteers to get a raise at Oklahoma State. It’s long been speculated that Yurcich’s next job will be as a head coach somewhere. If that’s his true desire, it’s hard to imagine him making a move to take over a struggling offense in Knoxville.

Going to Tennessee would be a huge risk for Yurcich. The Vols’ offense was dreadful last season and installing a new system would likely mean another year of struggles.

Interestingly enough, some Oklahoma State fans would be happy to see Yurcich leave Stillwater.

Then again, it’s always the offensive coordinator who receives the most blame when a team doesn’t perform well.

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