Tennessee Vols wide receiver Jauan Jennings has been projected by several media outlets as a day two pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

But according to a report from Jimmy Hyams, Jennings could fall in the draft due to character concerns. In fact, according to Hyams’ source, Jennings isn’t even on some teams’ draft boards.

This is completely absurd.

If a team feels this way about Jennings, they clearly just read a couple of headlines. They didn’t actually do any research on him.

This quote from Jeremy Pruitt before the Gator Bowl sums up Jennings’ character.

“Jauan Jennings has done nothing but do everything exactly the way we wanted him to since I’ve been the head coach at Tennessee.”

Pruitt also said prior to the Gator Bowl that Jennings “plays the game the right way”.

The teams that don’t have Jennings on their draft board obviously just saw the story where Brady Hoke and John Currie kicked him off the team in 2017 and didn’t bother to figure out the whole story.

(The whole story is that Tennessee was a disaster at the time.)

Jennings’ character, and his fierce loyalty to his teammates, is one of the reasons I think a NFL team should take a chance on him in the early rounds.

I have a feeling that whoever doesn’t have Jennings on their draft board now will have a change of heart after they sit down for an interview at the draft combine with the former Vol wide receiver.

There aren’t many players as competitive as Jennings. He might not be the fastest or most athletic player on the field, but he’s going to leave it all on the field every game he plays.

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