According to a report from The Tennessean, the Tennessee Titans are on a shortlist of teams that Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry would like to play for next season.

The Titans, however, have not “expressed interest” in trading for the three-time Pro-Bowl wide receiver.

Landry had the franchise tag placed on him last week by the Miami Dolphins. On Thursday, the Dolphins gave Landry permission to seek a trade.

In 2017, Landry caught 112 passes (which led the league) for 987 yards and nine touchdowns. Those are impressive numbers considering he was catching passes from a combination of Jay Cutler and Matt Moore.

It makes a lot of sense that Landry would want to play for the Titans nexts season. The franchise is on the cusp of being a team that can make a deep run in the AFC playoffs. They have the pieces to be one of the best teams in the league.

But would the Titans, at some point, have any interest in Landry?

I don’t think there’s any doubt that Landry would be a great addition for Tennessee. He has 400 catches in the first four years of his career — an NFL record (according to Sports Illustrated, Anquan Boldin is next on the list with 342 receptions in the first four years of his career). He would be a great weapon for Marcus Mariota in the Titans’ new look offense.

Tennessee Titans

However, there really isn’t a deal the Titans and Dolphins could work out that would make a lot of sense. Miami isn’t going to just give Landry away. He’s one of the most productive offensive players in the NFL. They’d need a significant return that would likely either include two players, or a player and a high draft pick. They would probably want a player who would be expected to replace Landry (I can’t help but think the Dolphins would ask for Corey Davis, which would almost certainly be a no-go).

Then again, Titans general manager Jon Robinson is a wildcard when it comes to trades. It was two years ago this week that Robinson completed a trade for DeMarco Murray — a move that paid major dividends in 2016.

I seriously doubt, though, that Tennessee will end up making a move for Landry. And not just because of the players and picks that would be involved.

Landry doesn’t seem to fit the mold of what Mike Vrabel wants in a player. Sure, Landry is an incredibly hard worker, but he’s had some moments where he let his teammates down. Most notably in last year’s season finale when he was ejected for starting a fight against the Buffalo Bills. The Dolphins ended up losing the game without Landry in the mix during the game’s final offensive drive.

Those are the types of incidents that Vrabel has insisted won’t be tolerated.

I like Landry a lot as a football player, but I can’t see him putting on one of the Titans’ fresh new uniforms in 2018.

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  1. Landry is a good player but the Dolphins would want way too much for him and he would want way too much in salary. I think the Titans should simply re-sign Eric Decker. He was injured most of the year and still caught over 40 passes. He’s a good player.

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