The Tom Brady to the Tennessee Titans talk seemingly has a different twist every day.

Thursday’s twist, however, might be the biggest one yet.

According to the Boston Sports Journal’s Greg Bedard, a longtime NFL writer who previously worked for Sports Illustrated, the Titans might not actually have any interest in Brady.

Bedard suggested that Tennessee is simply using Brady as leverage to aid in their attempt to lock in Ryan Tannehill. According to Bedard, the Titans are hoping Brady can help lower the price on Tannehill.

League sources expect the Titans to lock in Ryan Tannehill at some point at a cheaper rate thanks to the Brady leverage, although that could change.

This makes a lot of sense. As fun as it would be to see Brady in Nashville on a weekly basis, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for the Titans to sign a soon-to-be 43 year old quarterback. Brady certainly has some gas left in the tank, but he could run out at any time (let’s just say the gauge is broke and we aren’t sure when the needle is going to hit empty).

Of course, Bedard made sure to note that Tennessee’s plans “could change”, which leaves plenty of possibilities open.

Featured image via David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

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