It’s no secret that the Tennessee Titans are, essentially, trying to be the New England Patriots of the south.

The Titans have a former Patriots scout as general manager and a former Patriots linebacker as their head coach. They also have a former Patriots defensive coordinator serving as their defensive coordinator. That’s in addition to several ex-Patriots on the 53 man roster.

But just because Job Robinson, Mike Vrabel, Dean Pees and Dion Lewis, among others, are on the roster doesn’t guarantee that Tennessee will find success as they attempt to implement their version of “The Patriot way”.

Plenty of franchises have tried to replicate New England’s success and plenty have failed. It didn’t work for Romeo Crennel in Cleveland or Kansas City. Nor did it work for Josh McDaniels in Denver or Eric Mangini with the Jets (and the Browns).

But I think the Titans might have figured it out. And they might be the team that takes the torch from the Patriots as the team to beat in the AFC in the coming years (you know, once father time finally catches up with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady).

That’s because most of the franchises that have tried to duplicate the way New England runs their franchise, have failed to go all the way with their attempts.

Simply hiring a head coach that served under Belichick isn’t enough. In fact, that’s probably the least important part of the equation.

The Patriots are good because everyone in the organization is basically on the same page. Sure, there have been disagreements in New England (like trading Jimmy Garroppolo, or Brady’s shady personal trainer). But for the most part, everyone has the same goal in mind and reaching that goal is a collaborative effort.

In effect, there isn’t a disconnect between ownership and personnel and coaching. It’s a collaborative effort to make the franchise better (it helps that Belichick is essentially the general manager).

I see the same thing in the way the Titans handle business. Everyone seems to be on the same page. And Robinson seems to truly value Vrabel’s input.

So when you see Vrabel literally working out players himself, it means that information is going to straight to Robinson and a 50/50 conversation is likely going to take place.

The Titans are building their franchise the right way. Sure, it strongly resembles New England’s model, but that’s a model that’s proven.

And Tennessee is going all in with that model. They’re fortunate to have the owner, general manager and head coach/staff to carry out what Belichick was able to create in New England.

Obviously the Titans still a ways to go — they haven’t won more than nine games since  2008 — but I truly think they’re on the path to being wildly successfully.

It might take a couple of more years, but I think Tennessee fans are about to see a team in Nashville that’s capable of being successful and sustaining that success on a yearly basis.

Featured image via Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

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