On Wednesday, the Nashville Predators unveiled the team’s new locker room, as well as other arena renovations.
The Predators say they’ve spent $6 Million in renovations this year and $66 Million over the last seven years.

BRAND NEW Nashville Preds Locker Room (via the Predators)

Workout Facility 

Event level Bunker Suites

Right next to the Lexus Lounger. It’s the most high-end product, costing $1 million for all events in June and July. The bottom picture shows what will eventually become two bunker suites, which seat 20 people each in the lower bowl.

NEW 300 level Nashville-themed Bar 

The bar features 8 bartenders, a selection of canned and draft beers, and a full service liquor bar.

NEW 300 level Frozen Drink Bar

Some nice features with this bar. Fans will have a view of the ice once the wall between sections 314 and 315 are knocked down. In addition, there are device-charging outlets for up to 70 people. Drinks include margaritas, frozen rose drinks, and frozen bourbon based tea. The Music City Market (middle picture) will feature a grab-and-pay type setup.

Wicked Weed Beer Garden

The Wicked Weed Beer Garden is taking over the Trop Bar & Grill with new branding, furniture, food items, and drinks.

Media Room Upgrades

This room serves as a press conference room, media work room, and a catering room.



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