Stanley Cup

The 2017 Stanley Cup Final isn’t even 48 hours old and four bad calls have already been made.

In a classic case of irony, each call has favored the team with home ice — the Pittsburgh Penguins — who were outplayed and outclassed by the Preds in Game 1, yet still won, 5-3.

Is it time to already claim that there’s a league-wide conspiracy to make sure superstar Sidney Crosby goes back-to-back?

I’m a lover of anarchy, so let’s go with a yes here. What’s transpired since the first puck dropped on Monday evening is nothing short of fishy, and I’m not talking about the catfish. Everything from reversing a call despite inconclusive evidence to suddenly becoming more prone to ticky-tack penalties after a pair of brutal Conference Finals, it’s obvious Nashville is up against not only a great team, but a police department and the entire league that employs them.

Bad Call No. 1: The “Offside”

A day and a half later, this call still blows my mind. Austin and Zach already ranted about it, but let’s break this down. Forsberg was potentially offside by a micro-fraction of a micro-inch (but we really can’t tell since the close-up was grainy as all hell), possession proceeded to change twice, and then P.K. Subban went Canadian Sniper with a masterclass goal.

Yet, the call was reversed because, again, Forsberg was potentially offside by a micro fraction of a micro inch before possession would later change.

This is perhaps the dumbest thing in sports. It’s like a team challenging a touchdown because there was holding four plays prior. Or taking away Tom Brady’s five Super Bowls because of the Tuck Rule.

Clearly, the ability to go that far back to change a call is asinine.

Bad Call No. 2: The “Trip”

In the Western Conference Finals, here’s what was allowed: First-degree battery, first-degree assault, premeditated murder.

Now that the Preds have reached the Stanley Cup Final against the Pillow Pittsburgh Penguins, here’s what the Preds aren’t allowed to do: Make direct eye contact with any Pittsburgh player, breathe in the same vicinity as any Pittsburgh player, or skate on the same centimeter of ice as any Pittsburgh player.

Thus far, Nashville is doing a poor job of following these loose guidelines:

This is an incredible case of unsportsmanlike behavior by Calle Jarnkrok . Clearly, this is a man who doesn’t respect women and hates children because only a monster would do such a thing on national television.

Bad Call No. 3: The “Push”

Is that Trevor Daley or LeBron James?

Okay, James Neal was kind of asking for it because he did blatantly nudge Daley, but still, this isn’t tidily winks. This is hockey. Then again, we are talking about the Penguins here.

Because of that, Neal should be detained.

Speaking of which…

Bad Call No. 4: The “Instrument of Crime”

36-year-old Jacob Waddell, a.k.a. an American Hero, could potentially go to prison for six years thanks to his act of heroism during Game 1.

ICYMI, Waddell chucked a catfish onto PPG Paint Arena’s ice while the Preds trailed 3-0. Immediately after, Pittsburgh was shook as the momentum clearly shifted toward Nashville’s side.

So what did the city of Pittsburgh decide to do?

Step 1: Point him out like a bunch of pansies.

Step 2: Press charges so Nashville fans are petrified of rattling the entire city again.


The odds are stacked against the Nashville Predators. Having said that, I’ll leave with three words:

Preds in five.