There’s a lot of uncertainty in the sports wold right now, thanks to the novel coronavirus.

Aside from NFL free agency, the pause button has essentially been hit on sports.

The Tennessee Vols were able to get two spring practices under their belt before they were forced to shut things down. For now, no one knows when (or if) practices will resume. It’s a grim thought, but there’s a legitimate chance we won’t see players hit the field again until late summer.

On Monday, during Vol calls, athletic director Phillip Fulmer made it clear that Tennessee will not be having workouts for the foreseeable future, saying “we will not be having meetings and certainly there will be no practices until further notice”. Fulmer added “the gathering of people together spreads this virus and we are gonna be part of the solution and not part of the problem”.

That means no organized weight lifting sessions, no offensive/defensive meetings. Nothing. It’s as if football doesn’t exist for the moment.

(That was a tough sentence to write.)

Fulmer also noted that players who need to come back to campus, for whatever reason, will be allowed to return.

Chancellor Donde Plowman echoed those sentiments, saying “We know that there are students who need to stay in the dorms…we have student athletes. We have students who don’t have a permanent residence and they are going to be able to stay”.

Tennessee Vols

Last week, the Vols officially postponed the Orange and White spring football game. But at this point, I’d be shocked if that event happened (even at a later date).

LSU canceled their spring game on Monday. That seems to be the way things are trending.

All of this is completely unprecedented and no one knows what to expect in the coming months.

Sports are typically a way to escape the stress and anxiety of everyday life. Through tough times, whether it’s personal or a national crisis, we’ve always been able to turn to sports as a distraction.

Unfortunately, we have no idea when sports will return.

The Vols, however, are making sure they’ll be on the right side of history when life finally returns to normal.

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