In late 2017, when Phillip Fulmer took over as the Tennessee Vols’ athletic director (after John Currie’s disastrous coaching search), he was introduced as the “acting athletic director”.

At the time, it was unclear how long Fulmer planned to stick around as the Vols’ athletic director.

Was Fulmer going to be at Tennessee just long enough to right the ship after Currie’s various missteps?

Or was this a longterm hire by then-chancellor Beverly Davenport?

Tennessee Vols

That question was answered, somewhat, in April 2018 when Fulmer signed a four-year deal to remain Tennessee’s athletic director (before the deal, Fulmer was working on an at-will agreement).

So how does Fulmer feel two years into the deal?

Well, he feels like he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

“I am more energized about where we can be as an athletic program than I realized I would be,” said Fulmer this week when pressed by the Knoxville News Sentinel on how long he plans to stay at UT.

The legendary former Vols head coach added “I really think that we’re headed in a wonderful direction with lots of momentum….to specifically answer your question, I hope to be here for a while”.

This should be exactly what Vol fans want to hear. Tennessee athletics are trending up across the board. And I think that’s a direct result of Davenport’s decision to replace Currie with Fulmer in 2017.

There’s no one on this planet more passionate about the University of Tennessee than Phillip Fulmer.

So it makes sense that UT should want him leading the athletics department for as long as possible.

Featured image via USA Today/Randy Sartin
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