Is there a better option at host for an award show than Peyton Manning?

I’ll answer that for you: No.

The Tennessee legend and NFL icon hosted the 25th ESPYs Award on Wednesday evening, flexing his comedic muscle, which the world has grown accustomed to through his hilarious commercials and memorable SNL skits.

Needless to say, Peyton’s chops as a presenter haven’t diminished over the years. They’ve only aged like a fine wine.


The most important aspect of any hosting gig is the opening monologue. It sets the tone for the entire evening. Based on the crowd’s reaction, Peyton nailed the opening monologue and set social media ablaze with fire punchline after fire punchline.

Peyton destroys Kevin Durant

Peyton’s most savage joke of the evening came when he poked fun at Kevin Durant’s decision to join the Golden State Warriors, saying that Durant wanted to join the women’s Olympic gymnastics team because they were so dominant. Durant unsurprisingly didn’t laugh at the joke, but what Peyton did at the end took this bit to the next level.

P.K Subban having a blast

One of the most ingenious moments of the opening monologue came when Peyton made fun of his infamous work ethic, swearing that he wasn’t obsessed with controlling the ESPYs.

He then proceeded to puppet everybody from the camera man to the lighting booth to the audience, including Nashville Predators star defenseman, P.K. Subban.

Be careful, P.K., you might get banned from the NHL.

New York Knicks shown no mercy

Another moment of comedic genius came when Peyton delivered jokes that he “rejected” because he wasn’t comfortable insulting his peers. It lets Peyton off the hook, but honestly, everybody is roasting the Knicks nowadays.

Peyton goes full Dictator at the retirement home

Just…watch this.

Super Bowl Party

Peyton hosted a Super Bowl 51 party, showcasing his 18-layer dip and actively rooting against the Patriots (humorously, of course).

Let’s just say, Peyton didn’t enjoy the outcome.

Peyton is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time. On Wednesday evening, he proved he might be the funniest athlete of all time.




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