P.K. Subban

P.K. Subban is continuing to troll Sidney Crosby.

Following the Predators 5-1 win in Game Three, P.K. Subban and Sidney Crosby got into a little bit of an altercation just after the final horn. It looked as if Subban motioned for Crosby to get off the ice, but moments later in his post-game interview with Pierre McGuire, Subban was asked about what Crosby did. Subban responded by saying “And I don’t know why, because I used Listerine before the game. So I thought my breath smelled great.” Crosby responded by saying Subban made up the whole thing.

This opened the gates to ‘mouthwash gate’ and it has been the talk heading into Game Four.

Well, Subban one-upped himself and showed up to the arena ahead of Game Four with a bag full of mouthwash.

This isn’t something you see everyday in the NHL, players trolling guys off the ice. We see it all the time in the NFL and NBA especially, but this is sort a rare occurrence in the NHL.

What’s really bizarre about this whole thing is that P.K. Subban has mostly gone up against Evgeni Malkin’s line, but hey, I guess there isn’t anything wrong by taking shots at the best player on the planet.

One thing is for sure, it’s as entertaining as ever. Game Four should be a good one.