Now that we have a fresh look at the upcoming NFL schedule and nothing else to gamble on (well maybe Korean Baseball), it only makes sense that we look ahead at the NFL win totals and futures bets.

It appears that oddsmakers are torn between the Titans and the Colts.

The first divide comes in the form of the division favorite. Oddshark Opening lines shows that the Titans should be the favorite to win the AFC South crown with +160 odds while the Colts sit with +250 odds. Other books like Bovada and Bet Online both have Indianapolis as slight favorites though.

The uncertainty doesn’t stop there. As previously stated, Bovada gives the Colts the edge over the Titans to win the division, but Bovada odds also suggest that the Titans are more likely to make the playoffs than the Colts. What?

Let’s continue. Oddsmakers are also confused on who they think would fare better in the playoffs. Tennessee is projected at +1400 to win the AFC championship and Indianapolis at +1200 insinuating that the Colts are slightly more likely to make that Super Bowl than the Titans.

But the odds to win the Super Bowl flip the teams. The Titans have better odds to win the Super Bowl than the Colts with Tennessee at +2000 and Indy at +2500.

What the books are telling us is that the Colts have a better chance to win the division and go to the Super Bowl, but the Titans have the better odds to go to the playoffs and win the super bowl.

When comparing the two teams, it all just doesn’t make sense. What we learn is that that bookmakers are torn between the two projected winners of the AFC South. At least we can all agree that Houston and Jacksonville are down at the bottom where they belong.


Cover Image: Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports
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