It’s Alabama week for the sputtering Tennessee Vols.

Needless to say, it’s not going to end well for the 34-point underdogs on Saturday. Alabama will win with relative ease and embarrass the Orange and White on national television

However, don’t tell that to Alabama coach Nick Saban.

During his Monday press conference, Saban did what he normally does. Similar to Jones, he speaks in cliches and is normally snarky toward the media. But while Jones is normally more passive aggressive, Saban attacks journalists with an entertaining brand of blunt force trauma.

Just watch this clip below:

Earlier in his press conference, Saban threw immense praise toward Jones and the Vols, saying that the fifth-year coach was doing a “good job.” In the clip, he called the rivalry between Alabama and Tennessee a “competitive” one over the past decade.

Both claims are false, but what Saban is attempting to accomplish with this attitude is exactly why the Crimson Tide are by far the best team in college football. Regardless of who Alabama lines up against, Saban demands a borderline unreachable standard and convinces his team that every opponent is a good opponent.

Meanwhile, Jones uses the “we played a good football team” line to deflect blame off of puzzling losses.

You can watch Saban’s full press conference here.
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