Is Lane Kiffin an option to replace Jeremy Pruitt as the head coach of the Tennessee Vols?

Surprisingly, I think he might be in the conversation. Especially with Phillip Fulmer stepping down as Tennessee’s athletic director.

ESPN’s Chris Low mentioned Kiffin on Monday as an option to replace Pruitt. Low, who graduated from Tennessee, is extremely close to the Vols’ football program. When he mentions someone as a candidate it adds some legitimacy.

But I still don’t think Kiffin will end up being Tennessee’s next head coach, for one particular reason.

Peyton Manning.

Tennessee Vols

Manning will reportedly be a big part of the Vols’ search to replace Pruitt. And there’s no way that he’ll be on board with bringing Kiffin back to Knoxville.

For one, Manning was pretty ticked off when Kiffin left Tennessee in 2010.

“It’d probably be a short conversation,” said Manning in 2010 when asked about Kiffin (via ESPN).

Time heals all wounds, so that’s not really too big of a deal. I’m sure Peyton could get past the way things went down in 2010. Kiffin certainly regrets leaving Tennessee in retrospect.

The biggest reason that Peyton wouldn’t be on board with hiring Kiffin is because he’s currently the Ole Miss head coach.

And the Manning family — minus Peyton — is deeply entrenched in Ole Miss football. Archie and Eli played at Ole Miss. Cooper was set to play at Ole Miss before a medical condition robbed him of college football.

I don’t think Archie would be too fond of Peyton spearheading a UT coaching search that resulted in Ole Miss needing a new head coach.

The Mannings stick together. Peyton absolutely isn’t going to do anything that would upset Archie or the rest of the family.

Lane Kiffin back on Rocky Top would be a fun ride. But I just can’t see it happening.

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