The 2018 NFL Draft is in the books and most Tennessee Titans fans are incredibly happy with their team’s small, but impressive haul.

General manager Jon Robinson traded up multiple times to fill specific team needs. He landed linebacker Rashaan Evans in the first round, edge rusher Harold Landry in the second round and defensive back Dane Cruikshank by moving up in the draft.

The Titans also selected quarterback Luke Falk in the sixth round.

While fans were thrilled with the selections, it’s always interesting to check out how the national media that covers the NFL on daily basis felt about the picks.

Here are some draft grades from around the NFL for the Titans.


Grade: A gave every team in the AFC South an excellent grade for the draft, but the Titans had their highest grade. They described landing Falk in the sixth round as a “major bonus” for the Titans.

From USA Today:

Grade: A

USA Today brought up the fact that Jon Robinson somehow landed Landry in the second round as a major reason for getting an A. They also praised the selection of Falk.

From Sports Illustrated:

Grade: B-

Oddly enough, Sports Illustrated actually lowered the Titans’ grade for having to move up to select Landry. I’m not sure what a better outcome would’ve been for the Titans in the eyes of Sports Illustrated.

From Pro Football Focus

Grade: “Good” 

Pro Football Focus doesn’t give a letter grade for teams, instead they hand out “good”, “average”, “below average”, etc.

For what it’s worth, the Jaguars and Colts received a grade of “average”, while the Texans received a “below average” grade. They praised the Titans for their early moves in the draft, but they were down on Falk a bit.

From RotoWorld:

Grade: A-

RotoWorld praised the Titans for their usage of limited picks. They also called the selection of Landry an “insane value”.

From the New York Post:

Grade: B

The New York Post doesn’t really give a reason for the Titans’ grade of a B. They acknowledge that Tennessee did a nice job of filling team needs. I’m assuming their grade was knocked down a bit because of the amount of players they ended up drafting.



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