Picking a favorite Mike Leach quote is like picking your favorite child — except you have 100 of them.

A to Z Sports Nashville was the first to report the lunch meeting between Tennessee AD John Currie and the Washington State head coach, Thursday evening. Reports grew that the two parties were “working on a deal“.

Any time the potential Tennessee head coach opens his mouth, people listen, and for good reason. He’s quirky, organic, and his emotionless delivery is perfect. He offers things up like this…

Leach also made a cameo on the TV show “Friday Night Lights” where he basically played a crazy guy (himself) at a gas station and talked about “swinging your sword” and “finding your inner pirate.”

Here are the 5 best things Leach has ever said:

Wedding Advice

This is something every man needs to hear.


He’s a man of the people. All people.

Aliens and Big Foot

A pair of topics that’ll have you at the dinner table for hours.

Pirates or Vikings?

The great debate that’s torn apart families all across the world.

Everything else said by the amazing Mike Leach

I won’t deprive you. Here’s a 9-minute marathon of genius from Leach himself. Seriously, watch the whole 9-minutes.


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