It’s not uncommon for national media talking heads to be uniformed when it comes to the Tennessee Titans.

Remember the Deion Sanders/Kevin Byard Twitter spat in 2018?

Or the constant lack of attention the Titans get in the national media when they’re playing well?

Well, it’s still a thing apparently.

Last week, NFL Network’s Michael Irvin — a Hall of Fame wide receiver — took time to praise Titans rookie wide receiver AJ Brown, while absolutely blasting quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Check out Irvin’s comments.

What are we doing here?

Irvin clearly didn’t watch much of the Titans this year (despite his comments about Brown).

The decision to bench Marcus Mariota and start Tannehill is the main reason the Titans made the playoffs. In fact, had Tannehill started the entire season, there’s a good chance Tennessee would’ve won the AFC South.

Brown’s four best games of the season came with Tannehill under center.

Bad quarterbacks hurt good wide receivers. Sure, I’ll concede that Tannehill isn’t Patrick Mahomes. But I don’t think Tannehill hurt Brown’s production in 2019.

We’re talking about a wide receiver who set a Titans rookie record for receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. That doesn’t happen without a more than capable running back.

Irvin’s lazy take based on Tannehill’s time in Miami comes off as amateurish.

I’d expect a bit more from a Hall of Famer.

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