I’m proud to announce that I’ll be taking over the lead Nashville Predators coverage for A to Z Sports Nashville starting today.

I’ve been a fan of the on demand video content that Austin and Zach have been putting together over the last two years in the Nashville sports scene. I’m excited to help continue A to Z Sports Nashville’s dive into the fast-growing world of Smashville hockey.

A bit about me: I’ve covered the Predators for the popular SB Nation blog On The Forecheck for the last four years, taking over the co-managing editor role in 2016. I cherished my time there and loved being able to help grow that brand into what it is today, but the opportunity to jump on board with the crew here at A to Z was too good to pass up.

So what can you expect out of the coverage I’ll bring?

Well, you can definitely count on the same level of professional analysis and coverage you are used to. That won’t change. Neither will the genuine, honest commentary on the team’s performance, good or bad. Folks around here crave honesty. You’ll get that from me.

Like you, I know what this city loves about its hockey team. I was there on October 10th, 1998 for the beginning of it all, and I was there at the rally in 2007 to help keep the team in Nashville. I was there for the Western Conference Championship in 2017, and I was there for so many other incredible moments that have all added to the lore of Smashville.

So, really, I’m just like most of you. You’ve been there for these moments too, and you deserve a platform that respects that. It’s what brings you here and it’s why you are a fan of A to Z Sports.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Live updates and breaking news on the team every day
  • In-depth analysis on the team throughout the season
  • Post-game reaction & commentary after every game
  • A weekly column every Monday to prepare you for your hockey week.
  • Monthly mailbag segments
  • Live video coverage for big games (including playoffs)
  • Some other really exciting video segment ideas, more on this at a later date

With that being said, I hope you’ll enjoy the brand of Preds hockey coverage I aim to bring to this place. It should be an exciting season!

— Featured image via the Predators —

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