There’s been a lot of talk this week about how the Tennessee Titans can fix their perceived issues at wide receiver.

Most of the discussion centers around how the Titans can fix their issues this season.

Unfortunately for the Titans, there aren’t a lot of good avenues to explore if they want to add an impact wide receiver mid-season.

Instead of worrying about this season, because I think it’s the clear the Titans aren’t a threat to win the Super Bowl, the Titans should focus on how to make improvements for next season.

The goal for 2018, with a new head coach in Mike Vrabel, is to instill a new culture in Nashville and set the franchise up for longterm success. It might be counterproductive to trade away an asset for help in 2018.

I think the Titans have the talent to make a serious run in 2019. But I think we’ve seen from the offense this season that they could use an established wide receiver.

Which is why I think they should roll with what they have this season and focus on signing a free agent wide receiver in the off-season.

And I have a particular wide receiver in mind.

Golden Tate.

I think Tate would be a perfect addition for the Titans. He’s one of the best players in the NFL with the ball in his hands. He’s a YAC (yards after catch) king. Bringing in Tate would give the Titans a reliable option to gobble up yards in the middle of the field, while also having a big bodied wide receiver in Corey Davis and a deep threat in Taywan Taylor.

Obviously the big roadblock to making this happen is money. But the Titans will have $43 million in cap space, and they haven’t decided yet if Marcus Mariota is going to receive a lucrative contract extension.

Several players that are free agents after the 2018 season won’t be re-signed. It’s hard to see the team bringing back both Derrick Morgan and Brian Orakpo — especially with Harold Landry in the mix. I also doubt Will Compton comes back next season.

Perhaps the Titans could restructure some of the current deals in place to free up some cash.

Tate obviously won’t be cheap. But at the same time, he’ll be 31 by the time the 2019 season gets underway. Teams might be reluctant to give him the same amount of money they would give a 25 year old wide receiver.

Plus, maybe Tate would give the Titans a bit of a hometown discount. The former Notre Dame star is from Hendersonville. Maybe he’d like the opportunity to bring a Super Bowl to his hometown.

Signing Tate would instantly make a huge impact for the Titans’ offense. In fact, I think bringing in Tate would take Tennessee’s offense to Super Bowl caliber levels.

And I’m sure Mariota wouldn’t mind having another offensive weapon.

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