To say that things are a mess in Knoxville right now would be a massive understatement.

Tennessee fired head coach Jeremy Pruitt on Monday, along with assistant coaches Shelton Felton and Brian Niedermeyer (and several recruiting staffers), after a months-long internal investigation revealed extensive level I and level II violations.

Dan Patrick reported on Tuesday morning that UT was apparently paying players by leaving cash in Mcdonald’s bags on recruiting visits.

It’s just an all-around bad look for Tennessee. We all know that stuff like this is prevalent in major college sports. But the Vols were really sloppy with it.

On Tuesday, Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops was asked about the scandal and whether or not it surprised him.

“I gotta be careful in my response here,” said Stoops on Kentucky Sports Radio.

“Did I see it coming? Yes, I’m grateful it came. Does it surprise me? Not one bit.”

I’m guessing everyone in the SEC knew what was going at Tennessee.

The entire investigation started because of a tip from someone inside the program. But I think it’s clear from Stoops’ comments that judgement day was coming for the Vols on way or the other.

Now the program has a huge mess to clean up, along with trying to find a new athletic director and head coach.

Never a dull moment on Rocky Top.

Featured image via Knoxville News Sentinel-USA TODAY NETWORK
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