Kendall Wright’s career as a Tennessee Titans wide receiver didn’t go as planned, and that’s no secret.

Throughout the years Wright’s commitment and dedication was in question. He was suspended one game last season for being late to a meeting. The Titans made no effort in bringing him back with a new contract.

But, the former first round pick had fun during his return to Nissan Stadium as a member of the Chicago Bears. At times he showed Titans fans some of the talent he flashed while in Tennessee. Wright had three receptions for 35 yards – all successful third down conversions – in the Bears 19-7 preseason win.

The press box commented about how Kendall Wright looked like he had some extra motivation in today’s meaningless game. He absolutely was jawing near the Titans’ sideline after one of his third down conversions.

Kendall was a guy I talked to a lot in the locker room the last few years. Last season, the only time we crossed paths was in the parking lot after the media availability was over. He was never in the locker room during the availability times. Today, after a positive performance, he seemed refreshed. He spoke with Chicago media about his new offense working to get better every day. He joked with a question about the Bears QB battle. When asked if he had any extra juice today against the Titans, his answer was easy.

Kendall Wright returns to Nashville as member of the Bears
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