Reports are surfacing that Tennessee is making power moves for Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy.

There is speculation that the Vols are willing to double Gundy’s salary from $4.2 million to $8.4 million, which would make him the third-highest paid coach in college football.

As our very own Austin Stanley and Zach Bingham pointed out on today Extra Point, Gundy is (more than likely) using Tennessee to get another raise, a move he pulled on the Vols back in 2012. On top of that, there’s no reason why Gundy would move from his comfortable situation in Stillwater – which is his home and alma mater – and come to Knoxville, especially after what transpired on Sunday.

Vol Nation has its hopes up yet again, but those hopes and dreams will soon be crushed by T-Boone Pickens wallet, thus sending Currie back out into the coaching search wilderness.

Where should he go? After the current Oklahoma State head coach, he should go Gundy’s predecessor in Stillwater — Les Miles.

The former LSU head coach isn’t new to Tennessee hot boards, but the prospects of hiring him have been suppressed by Grumors and more attractive names.

Interestingly enough, Miles hasn’t been contacted, but he allegedly wants the job:

The perception on Miles has changed dramatically over the years. After LSU defeated Alabama in a No. 1 vs No. 2 matchup back in 2011, articles were written claiming Miles was a better coach than Nick Saban.

Obviously, that never panned out, as Saban beat Miles every year from 2012-2015 before Miles was fired early in the 2016 season. Now, the consumer of grass is viewed as a coach who didn’t adjust to a changing SEC and is past his prime.

All of this could be true, but hiring Miles wouldn’t be a long-term play in Knoxville. It’s an immediate fix for a program currently on life support after botched coaching hires and Sunday’s Greg Schiano circus.

Miles won’t move Tennessee’s needle past the likes of Alabama, Georgia, or Florida, but with an SEC record of 62-28 (which is better than Mike Gundy and Tee Martin’s combined record of 0-0), the 2007 BCS National Championship winner still understands a thing or two about expectations in college football’s most ruthless conference.

Knoxville won’t “Feel Like ’98” again under Miles’ leadership, but after a disastrous and utterly baffling coaching search, Currie needs to stop wasting his time with Mike Gundy and give Les Miles a call.

Hire the proven commodity and get this nightmare over with.
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