Multiple reports indicated on Monday that Tennessee Vols defensive line coach Tracy Rocker is leaving Knoxville for the same position on Will Muschamp’s staff at South Carolina.

There were rumblings this winter that Rocker was on the verge of moving to an off-the-field role with the Vols. His contract expired on January 31. Instead of accepting a demotion, Rocker chose to go to Columbia.

No one at this point is leaving Tennessee for South Carolina for a lateral move — especially with Muschamp squarely on the hot seat entering the 2020 season.

Rocker proved to be a good developer of talent at Tennessee, but his recruiting left a little to be desired. That’s likely the main reason Pruitt was looking to make a change.

Who replaces Rocker?

Pruitt will use Rocker’s departure to upgrade Tennessee when it comes to recruiting, while also bringing in a solid developer of talent.

The top name that’s been kicked around to replace Rocker is Bo Davis, who previously worked with Pruitt at Alabama.

Davis was let go at Alabama after he arranged a meeting with a couple of recruits that wasn’t allowed by the NCAA.

The former Crimson Tide assistant was hit with a two year show cause penalty by the NCAA that expired in April, 2019.

When Davis was let go by Alabama, he was widely regarded as one of the top DL coaches in the nation. Bringing Davis on staff would absolutely be an upgrade for Tennessee.

Another name that’s been mentioned in various reports is Colorado DL coach Jimmy Brumbaugh, a former Auburn player who coached at Kentucky from 2013-16.

Regardless of who is hired, it’s clear that Pruitt is trying to upgrade his staff.


Tennessee is hiring Brumbaugh.

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