Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve pointed out several red flags with Jeremy Pruitt and how some of them are similar to former Tennessee Vols head coach Butch Jones.

But just because both coaches had some red flags, doesn’t mean they’re similar people.

One of Jones’ biggest issues at Tennessee was his incredibly thin skin. He was never comfortable while leading the Vols. Jones exuded pseudo confidence — he never came across as believable in his role as Tennessee’s head coach.

The same can’t be said about Pruitt.

Despite the Vols’ rough start to the season (2-3 after five games with a loss to Kentucky is not ideal), Pruitt still appears to be quite comfortable being the face of UT.

That was evident during Vol calls on Wednesday night when a caller questioned Tennessee’s predictability on offense. The caller told Pruitt that he could predict what plays the Vols would be running during games.

Pruitt didn’t get defensive with his response. He brought some humor to the discussion before answering the caller’s question.

Here’s Pruitt’s full response:

Well, we don’t need you to go work for the other team if you can predict the plays. That’s for sure. Hey, I get it. Being able to create loose plays, I think that’s probably what you’re talking about in the run game. There’s certain runs, whether they’re perimeter runs, certain pass plays that are kind of what I would call alley-oops, drive starters, things like that. Just creating some loose plays that are kind of easy to get the offense going is certainly something we need to be more creative in doing. But you know, I really think if you just go back and look, I felt like for the first two games offensively, I felt like we had pretty good plans based off what we were dealing with at the time. And I felt like in the Georgia game we didn’t move the ball very good in that game. I think Georgia had something to do with that. We did create a couple explosive throw plays there. And then the Kentucky game, we’re moving the ball up and down the field and have turnovers in the first half there. So we really got to figure out some loose plays. But we’ve got to figure out what we do well and work hard at doing that.”

Pruitt believes in what he’s doing at Tennessee. Jones never fully believed in himself or what he was trying to accomplish in Knoxville.

No one knows how this will all turn out for Pruitt. But for now, at least, there are no red flags when it comes to how Pruitt is handling himself with fans/media.

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