Jay Graham is a Tennessee Vols legend.

The former UT running back was with the Vols during the “glory years” of Tennessee football in the mid-90s. He’s a direct connection to better times in East Tennessee.

But now Graham is wearing the enemy’s colors. After a year on Jeremy Pruitt’s staff at Tennessee, Graham took a position on Nick Saban’s staff at Alabama. Graham will coach tight ends and special teams in Tuscaloosa.

Seeing Graham in crimson is bad enough. It’s a tough pill to swallow for Vol fans.

This week, Graham made it an even tougher pill to swallow for Tennessee fans by taking a shot at the Vols.

Graham tweeted a recruiting graphic that essentially talks up Alabama’s dominance. Pretty standard stuff and part of his job now. I get it.

Tennessee Vols

That’s not fun for Vol fans to see, but again, it’s part of Graham’s job now. And he’s a professional.

What Graham tweeted after that, however, wasn’t necessary. A Tennessee fan responded to the tweet, which prompted an Alabama fan to mention how many days it’s been since the Vols have beat the Crimson Tide (UT hasn’t beaten Alabama since 2006).

Graham threw some salt on the wound by tossing in a subtle “and counting” (insinuating that the streak isn’t ending anytime soon).

Ouch. That one hurts. I know Graham has to do his job, but he didn’t have to throw a shot like that at his alma mater.

Especially since Graham was part of two coaching staffs at Tennessee that were blown out by Alabama (in 2012 under Derek Dooley and 2020 under Pruitt).

I don’t want to say Graham has burned his bridge at Tennesee. But this could be a tough one for fans to get over.

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