A quick recap of where we stand in our multi-part grade of David Poile’s trading history with the Nashville Predators.

We first looked at his five most recent trades, including the controversial deal with New Jersey and P.K. Subban. Then we looked at one of Poile’s next five trades, including one of his best trades ever and one of his worst. Today we will look at the next five trades after that.

Remember: the grading system is 1 to 5 using David Poile Smirks. The more smirks, the better the trade for the Predators. Each trade also has two grades, one for the short term, one for the long term.

So let’s look at the next five trades, starting with a rather surprising reunion.

11. February 6th, 2019

Nashville receives: Cody McLeod (F)

New York receives: 2020 7th round pick

The Nashville Predators first obtained Cody McLeod’s services prior to their dramatic run to the Stanley Cup Final in 2017. The Preds acquired McLeod from Colorado on January 13th, then the next night on January 14th, McLeod scored a goal and also fought his former teammate Jarome Iginla.

Hockey! Fights! Are! Very! Dumb!

The McLeod addition went about as expected. Put a prototypical Peter Laviolette instigator on a roster coached by Peter Laviolette and you get Peter Laviolette results. McLeod finished that regular season with five points in 31 games and 93 penalty minutes, though he did score a crucial goal against St. Louis in the playoffs.

But things went even worse than expected the second time around for McLeod and the Predators. Desperately seeking “size” and “grit” and “toughness”, Poile sent a 7th round pick to the Rangers for McLeod in 2019. The cost was admittedly very little, but this acquisition made very little sense and, in the end, meant very little.

McLeod played in only seven games for the Preds, recorded one shot, and managed five penalty minutes. And for a guy who was seen as a “locker room guy” he didn’t even see action in the playoffs and, unsurprisingly, was not re-signed.

Short term grade:

David Poile

Long term grade:

David Poile

12. February 6th, 2019

Nashville receives: Brian Boyle (F)

New Jersey receives: 2019 2nd round pick

This trade very nearly worked out perfectly for the Nashville Predators. Heading into the 2019 trade deadline, the Preds were hunting for size, power play help, and some net-front presence. Brian Boyle met all of those criteria and though some folks cringed at the asking price, Poile did well to get what he needed for his team.

Boyle didn’t light the world on fire in Nashville, but he played his role well. Scoring five times in 26 games for the Preds, he was a measurable improvement in front of the net. When he wasn’t scoring goals, he was screening goalies to allow others to score. His power play assistance was marginal, and made redundant with the arrival of Wayne Simmonds a few weeks later, but Boyle made an impact on the team that’s for sure.

In the end, Boyle and Simmonds weren’t enough to help the Preds win in the playoffs, and neither stuck around for a return trip the following season.

There were rumblings that Boyle was looking to stay in Nashville, which would have made the 2nd round price tag a bit easier to bear. But Boyle opted to head to Florida to play for the Panthers.

Short term grade:

David Poile

Long term grade:

David Poile

13. January 14th, 2019

Nashville receives: Cole Schneider (F)

New Jersey receives: Connor Brickley (F)

Though it really only impacts their AHL team, this was a sneaky good trade for Poile.

The Preds signed Brickley in 2018 to a two-way contract, assigning him to the Milwaukee Admirals to begin the year. He played in 39 games, scoring 7 goals and 11 assists, before the trade occurred in January.

Cole Schneider joined the Admirals and found success immediately. He put up 22 points in the final 24 games for the Milwaukee, then signing a one-year, one-way contract that summer. So far he’s put up 46 points in 54 games for the Ads, helping to fuel their dangerous offense. He just recently signed a one-year extension in Milwaukee and looks to be a mainstay in their lineup for the time being.

Poile did well with this exchange, though at almost 30 years old, Schneider isn’t likely to make an impact in Nashville, thus the lower grade on the long term.

Short term grade:

David Poile

Long term grade:

David Poile

14. October 1st, 2018

Nashville receives: Nicholas Baptiste (F)

Buffalo receives: Jack Dougherty (D)

Jack Dougherty was a promising young defenseman in the Preds’ system at one point, but ultimately was probably just an AHLer at best. He didn’t have the wheels or the skill to make the leap to the NHL, plus he was always blocked by better talent like Sam Girard, Dante Fabbro, and Alex Carrier.

The Preds sent Dougherty to Buffalo for Nick Baptiste, who played well for Milwaukee during his stint there. As covered in Part 2 of this series, Baptiste was ultimately traded away for roster space. In the annals of Preds’ trade history, this is an otherwise unremarkable chapter.

Short term grade:

David Poile

Long term grade:

David Poile

15. February 26th, 2018

Nashville receives: John Ramage (D), Tyler Gaudet (F)

Arizona receives: Pierre-Cedric Labrie (F), Trevor Murphy (D)

The Preds already parted ways with the two players they received in this trade. They didn’t re-sign John Ramage in the summer of 2018, then Tyler Gaudet signed with the Toronto Marlies in 2019.

The Coyotes haven’t fared much better. Trevor Murphy stuck around for a bit, then jetted for the KHL in 2019. Pierre-Cedric Labrie left for the DEL (German professional hockey league) in 2019 and is now playing for Eisbären Berlin.

This trade is pretty pointless to analyze, so instead, here’s a look at the Berlin Ice Bears’ logo.

The next time someone tells you the Nashville Predators’ logo stinks, show them this monstrosity.

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