Former Tennessee Vols tight end Jason Witten will reportedly be high above Neyland Stadium next season as one of the three featured images on the back of the jumbotron.

But that’s not the only high profile move Witten could be making in 2018.

According to a report from Sporting News, Fox is targeting Witten as a potential analyst for the network in 2018.

I love the idea of this, especially with the recent success at CBS of Witten’s former teammate Tony Romo. But there is one problem — Witten is preparing to enter his 16th season with the Dallas Cowboys.

Witten, who caught 63 passes for 560 yards and five touchdowns last season, hasn’t indicated that he plans to retire before the start of the 2018 season.

In fact, Witten has sounded very certain in recent interviews that he’ll be playing in Dallas next season.

The former Vol told ESPN in late February “I’ve got to improve”, while adding “So I’ll do it again and I think it’ll be important for me to perform at a high level”.

That doesn’t sound like a man that plans on heading to the broadcast booth next season.

But it’s also worth nothing that Tony Romo didn’t make the decision to retire until April 4 last year. So it’s certainly possible that Witten could elect to retire and pursue a career as an analyst.

Witten is under contract with the Cowboys through 2021. But if Dallas were to released him, they would save $26 million over the next four seasons.

Fox is also targeting former Vols quarterback Peyton Manning.

It seems pretty clear that networks want to add athletes to their broadcasting roster that are recently removed from their playing days.

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