Judging by a tweet from former Vols running back John Kelly on Friday night, Tennessee fans weren’t the only ones who grew weary of Butch Jones’ bizarre clichés and slogans.

Kelly tagged his former teammate Jalen Reeves-Maybin in a tweet that said “I don’t see the 63 strain”.

“63” was one of Jones’ earliest, and maybe corniest, slogans during his time as Tennessee’s head coach.

The thought process behind the slogan was that every play, on average, takes six seconds. Jones wanted his players to give three great efforts on every play.

He went as far as having 120 “63” decals placed around the UT football complex in 2013. Jones also had “63” placed on the back players’ workout shirts.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with the concept of giving maximum effort on every play. That seems way easier than counting how many efforts you gave on a given play (And what if the play lasted longer than six second and you’ve already gave three great efforts? Just stop there?!?!?).

It’s obvious that Kelly thought “63” was just as ridiculous as the rest of us believed it was.

At least the players that are coached by Jeremy Pruitt won’t have to worry about counting their efforts during practice and on gameday.

Featured image via UT Sports

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