Former Tennessee Vols quarterback Josh Dobbs certainly left an impression on fans during his time in Knoxville.

The Georgia native, who was part of former head coach Butch Jones’ inaugural UT signing class in 2013, dazzled spectators with his on-the-field abilities. And he wowed those same spectators with his off-the-field intelligence.

Considering Dobbs’ success (a fourth round NFL draft pick and a degree in aerospace engineering), it’s probably wise for folks of all ages to listen to the advice he recently offered.

Check it out.

I absolutely love this advice. First off, hard work always prevails. You can’t get anywhere without having a goal. And you can’t reach that goal without hard work.

Also, I love Dobbs’ advice to kids to not specialize in certain areas. Kids should explore playing different sports, and studying different subjects, in school. That’s what makes well rounded adults. Plus, who knows if what a kid loves at 10 will be what they love at 18.

It shouldn’t be a big surprise that Dobbs has some great advice. He didn’t become successful in multiple areas by a fluke. Dobbs followed his own advice and reached his goals.

Anyone can do it. Josh Dobbs is proof.

Featured image via Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

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