The mass release of text messages/e-mails related to the Tennessee Vols’ coaching search this past November/December has provided a lot of insight into a tumultuous process that started with Butch Jones’ dismissal on November 12.

In addition to the coaching search process, the text messages also provided some candid moments from folks closely associated with the University of Tennessee.

One such person is former Vols head football coach Johnny Majors.

In a text to then athletic director John Currie after the Greg Schiano deal fell through, Majors says “to hell with these red state politicians and fans”.



That’s definitely not going to go over well with Tennessee fans.

While I’m sure Majors feels strongly about his relationship with Schiano, it’s still not a good idea to completely dismiss the feelings of fans.

Sure, every fan base has a crazy section of fans that should be ignored. But when an entire fan base unites behind the same thought (in this case that Schiano would be a terrible coach), it would probably be a good idea to listen to them.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter much what Majors thinks.

Phillip Fulmer is now in charge, he got his guy and the future looks bright on Rocky Top. Finally.

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