Former Tennessee Vols head coach Butch Jones is still getting paid a lot of money by UT.

Tennessee fired Jones in late 2017. As a result of his buyout, UT owes Jones $8.3 million, which is being paid in monthly installments through February 28, 2021.

If Jones lands a new job before February 28, 2021, the amount that Tennessee owes him will be mitigated.

Since getting fired by the Vols, Jones has worked as an analyst at Alabama. He is reportedly earning $35,000 a year.

For now, it seems that Jones has no desire to land a new job to help mitigate what Tennessee owes him. But he’s doing his best to at least make it appear that he’s trying to land an on-the-field coaching gig.

Jones was rumored last winter to be on the verge of joining Mike Locksley’s staff at Maryland.

But that didn’t happen.

It was reported last month that Jones was a strong candidate at Rutgers. But then, out of nowhere, Jones withdrew his name from the search.

Sounds fishy.

Then this week, Jones became a strong candidate at Colorado State. Some reports even indicated that Jones was negotiating a contract to become CSU’s new head coach.

Less than a day later, however, it appears that this opportunity will also “fall apart”.

Football Scoop reported on Tuesday that former Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson is now the leading candidate to replace Mike Bobo at Colorado State.

It seems strange that Jones keeps getting extremely close to landing jobs and then at the last minute things go awry.

From my vantage point, it definitely feels like Jones has no desire to land a new job and lessen what he’s owed by Tennessee. He seems perfectly fine collecting his checks from UT while serving as a glorified administrative assistant at Alabama.

Most fired head coaches would want to climb their way back up the coaching ladder as soon as possible.

Perhaps Jones knows he was in over his head at Tennessee and he’s perfectly fine holding the ladder steady while others climb it ahead of him.

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