Kirby Smart has the Georgia Bulldogs absolutely rolling at the moment, but Jeremy Pruitt is the coach that most scares former Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson.

Appearing on JOX Roundtable, Wilson recently said of Pruitt “I think he’ll be wildly successful at Tennessee”.

Wilson added “He scares me more at Tennessee than Kirby does at Georgia”.

The former Alabama signal caller thinks Pruitt can do a better job in recruiting than Georgia, thanks to Tennessee’s ability to recruit nationwide, as they did during the Phillip Fulmer years.

Wilson also cited Pruitt’s coaching staff that he put together at Tennessee as one of the reason the Vols have a higher ceiling than the Bulldogs.

Those are some lofty expectations for Pruitt, but there’s a caveat to Wilson’s comments.

He wants Pruitt to be successful at Tennessee so he can one day come back to his alma mater and be the head coach at Alabama.

It will certainly be interesting to see what transpires if Pruitt has success at Tennessee and Nick Saban decides to retire (eventually he will retire).

But that’s a conversation that has no business being entertained at the moment.

Featured image via Knox News

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