The Tennessee Vols will host an open scrimmage at Neyland Stadium on Saturday morning at 10 am et.

It will be the public’s first look at the new-look Vols under Josh Heupel.

“It gives us an opportunity to go showcase in front of our fans and in front of this state who and what we are at this point,” said Heupel on Thursday. “Also, forecast a little bit of who we’re going to be by the time we get to the fall.”

“We want an opportunity for our fans to come in and have an opportunity to see the work that our kids put in, who we are, and a great opportunity for the state and for our players to get inside of Neyland Stadium one more time and have an opportunity to go compete.”

Tennessee Vols

I’m sure Heupel is eager to give fans a look at who the Vols are going to be under his leadership.

But there’s actually something else that Heupel will accomplish by hosting an open scrimmage.

Recruits haven’t been able to visit campuses and see facilities since before the COVID-19 shutdown in early 2020. The NCAA recruiting dead period currently runs through May 31 (there’s no guarantee the dead period will be lifted after May, though that’s what most folks expect to happen).

Hosting an open scrimmage on Saturday will allow the players that Tennessee’s recruiting to come to Knoxville and step inside Neyland Stadium for the first time in over a year.

Coaches and staff can’t interact with recruits while they’re on campus. But this will still allow recruits to enter the stadium, see the Vols’ offense and defense under Heupel, and get a closer overall look at the program.

It’s a brilliant move by Heupel that could pay major dividends in recruiting.

Featured images via Tennessee Athletic Communications
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