I’m not a big believer in media biases.

I tend to think that everyone thinks the media is biased against their favorite teams.

That’s likely because we only hear the negative comments, while completely ignoring anything positive.

For the most part, I think most sports media analysts do a good job of being fair and objective.

But I’m really starting to think there might be an unconscious bias against the Tennessee Vols.

The Vols’ ranking in the AP top 25 isn’t quite fair

The new AP top 25 was dropped on Sunday afternoon and it has the Vols at No. 14.

That seems like a pretty good ranking for a UT team that was 8-5 last season and has opened the season with a 2-0 record, right?

In normal years, maybe.

But this isn’t a normal year.

Tennessee should be ranked at least No. 10.

The Vols are behind three teams that haven’t even played a game this season (Ohio State, Penn State, and Oregon). And they’re behind a 1-1 Auburn team that skirted by Kentucky and was blown out by Georgia.

There’s zero reason that Auburn should be above Tennessee. And the teams that haven’t played yet probably shouldn’t be ranked at all (not when some teams have played three games).

The only explanation is a bias against the Vols. I don’t necessarily think it’s on purpose, but I think voters look at UT’s disastrous last 10 years and they don’t believe Tennessee has staying power.

How else can you explain North Carolina being at No. 8 with a 2-0 record (wins against Syracuse and Boston College)?

UNC was 7-6 last season, so it’s not like they’re in the top ten based on last year’s reputation.

The AP poll is ultimately pointless. And it’s comprised mostly of voters who barely watch a game other than the game they happen to be covering that day (which makes no sense).

But the Vols should still be getting some respect. They shouldn’t be punished for the crimes of Butch Jones, Derek Dooley, and Lane Kiffin.

Tennessee has the longest winning streak in the nation by a Power-5 team. Yet they’re not a top ten team.

Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

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