The first rule of writing about the Tennessee Vols is don’t make Vol Twitter mad.

The second rule of writing about the Tennessee Vols is DON’T MAKE VOL TWITTER MAD.

I’m pretty sure I broke the rules on Friday.

It started innocently enough. The day before a game, Tennessee’s sports information department always sends out an email with broadcast information, game day guide, and game notes.

While perusing the game notes, I noticed an interesting stat. The Vols are the only SEC team that hasn’t committed a turnover through the first two games of the season.

Pretty interesting. So I tweeted the stat from my phone and went about my morning.

Big mistake.

I opened Twitter a few minutes later and saw I had numerous notifications. I expected there to be some “nice stat!” type replies to my tweet.

There wasn’t.

Instead, my notifications were littered with the replies of people who were not happy I had apparently jinxed the Vols.

Here’s a sampling.

There’s plenty more where those came from.

And here I thought I was just tweeting a fun stat.

Lesson learned. There are no off days for Vol Twitter. They bring it 365 days a year.

Featured image via USA TODAY
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